Friday, January 28, 2005

Dealing with Obesity in Our (Kids & Health ) Programs

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Dealing with Obesity in Our Programs

Last week we invited readers to share their strategies and approaches for promoting healthy eating habits by children and adults. Below you will find a few of the many ideas that have been submitted. At the bottom of the page is a link to our web site where you can share your ideas as well. Many of these ideas will appear in the March 2005 issue of Exchange.

In addition, you may want to check out all the ideas in "Child Nutrition," a Beginnings Workshop staff training kit at:

Robin Rick
Epworth Preschool and Daycare, Inc.
Marion, Ohio, United States
Our goal with our snacks is to encourage the children to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. We have created 30 different nutritious snacks ideas that rotate monthly. An adult sits at the snack table with the children while the child combines the ingredients to prepare their own snack. We have found that if the children help to prepare their snack they are more likely to try the a new food.

Josie Disterhoft
Lutheran General Children's Day Care
Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
Insure opportunity for physical activity/movement in child's day, particularly if in organized non parental care settings for long days. Simple walks, yoga, etc. Get family involved in good choices framework: encourage to move and track family success; encourage to keep track of good food choices as family.

Ping Coates,Singapore, Singapore

I believe obesity to be a largely lifestyle related issue -- as our cars, shopping carts, TV's and food portion sizes get larger and larger, and the amount of physical activity gets smaller, it's no wonder people are getting bigger. People are not moving as much as they used to, whether it is to walk to the store or to clean the house or to just play outdoors. Technology has made it so easy to sit and control things with the click of a button. Our children are spending more and more time indoors watching TV or playing computer games where it used to be that children were running outside and mucking about, burning energy, breathing fresh air and having a great time doing it. My solution -- turn off electronics -- no more TV and computer games -- find alternative entertainment that includes physical activity - play sports, take walks, visit the beach/mountains -- not only will we become healthier in body, we will become healthier in mind..nature is the best classroom.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

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