Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wacom Ergonomics

Wacom Ergonomics

Mouse Arm Syndrome (MAS) is a general term for the injuries that result from repetitive, forceful movements in body parts such as fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. Using a traditional computer mouse involves repetitive, prolonged clicking with the user’s hand and forearm twisted at an awkward, unnatural angle. This can lead to sore muscles and significantly increases the risk of RSI.

Wacom pen tablets are recommended as ergonomic alternatives to traditional input devices, and will help to reduce or even prevent discomfort caused by MAS. The pen tablet assumes all the functions of a traditional computer mouse including navigating, dragging and dropping, clicking, etc., but provides vital ergonomic advantages.

Price Lists and Sources :
Image Model Active Area *Price (SGD)

MTE-450K 147.6 x 92.3 mm (A6 size) 139.00

Graphire Bluetooth CTE-630BT/TO-C5.94" x 8.22" Approx. A5) 449.00

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